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~ a love letter ~

To my precious little one,
whose blood was once my blood,
heartbeats rhymed with mine,
whose every atom was part of me,

You were here so brief,
yet you left a trace so deep.
Your presence was short,
yet you gifted us love that was without fault.

My dear little one,
who was way too priceless,
for the world to carry,
for the heaven to lose,

Your existence will linger,
in every passing air I breathe,
in every thought I think,
in all the love left inside of me.

My dear wingless soul,
I love you.

~ Nat ~

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Love in My Pocket

One day I stumbled upon Love on a street,
looking sad and lying still.
I took it and kept it my pocket,
not knowing it has a life and will.

While I was walking with a pace,
with a stupid smile on my face,
Love starts crawling out of my pocket,
and jumping off the jacket.

As I arrived home to take care of Love,
I realized Love was nowhere to be seen.
I look to my left and right, down and above,
All I could see was walls that were green.

I sat down and wept,
and mourning Love as I slept.
I thought Love was for me to be kept.
But instead, it made me feeling left.

It saddened me so much,
for it to happen as such.
Love doesn’t want to be with me.
Love has never belonged to me.

— Nat

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She is the picture of an empty road,
of the old city she used to lived in.
She is the good old songs,
ones that shed tears from her eyes,
wrenched her heart.
She is the voice of her mother,
calling her home after the long hours
she spent under the sun.
She is the nightmares she dreamed,
night after night after night.
She is the every being of her cell,
She is the conscience of her mind,
She is…

~ Nat ~

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Aku Ingin

Aku Ingin

~ Nat ~

Aku ingin hangat matahari
membelai kulit punggungku
ketika aku menyusur ingatan
tentang kamu yang tak lagi di sini.

Aku ingin hembus angin
membisik telingaku
ketika aku menelisik jarum jam
memohon detaknya mengulang waktu.

Aku ingin tetes hujan
menyirami wajahku
ketika aku menulis resah
di lembar kenangan yang setengah basah.

Tapi, yang paling aku ingin,
Sejam lagi memeluk ragamu,
Semenit lagi menatap rupamu,
Sedetik lagi menaut hatimu.